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The Golden Therapy to Health

Urotherapy Methods of application and uses from centuries of proof.

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The list of conditions that Urotherapy can treat is seemingly endless, yet this information is coveted, hidden away from the general public. 

Today, the therapy is used in many parts of the world but has been stifled by Western medicine. As Big Pharma fights to protect its $405-billion-dollar industry, they conceal healing methods that would cost them greatly. These healing methods may save your life, and Dr. Group wants to share them with the world in the hopes that it empowers even ONE person to take control of their health and regain this lost right of personal sovereignty. 

The urine therapy has cured my daughter’s eczema about 80% in 6-weeks. I am so grateful to your site.


You’ve Drank YOUR OWN Urine Since Birth!

Although this information is not often considered or spoken about, the amniotic sac that a baby lives in for 9-months is made up of almost entirely urine. The fetus drinks the mother’s urine up until developing kidneys, at which point, the amniotic sac will be filled with the baby’s urine. From then on, the baby will consume its own urine until the day it is born.




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I dropped a 30 lb board on the top of my foot and it hurt a lot, but went to work anyway.  After sitting for several hours I got up and could barely walk.  It had swollen up and was painful.  I took a cotton round and some aged urine and saturated the pad, put it directly on the bump, wrapped my foot in saran wrap and went to bed.   The next day the swelling was nearly gone, I could walk and I never got a bruise!  I'd call that a success story. Victoria

Your Own Perfect Medicine

The gateway to health lies within this simple, accessible path of restorative health. Urine therapy dates back 5,000 years ago to ancient India and has been used by ancient Egyptians, Romans, Grecians, Chinese, and many more. 

As a way to rejuvenate body and soul, Urotherapy has been proven to prevent cancer, autoimmune diseases, bacterial infections, allergies, cardiovascular conditions, cerebral palsy, kidney failure, HIV, and much more.

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The Golden Therapy to Health

A-Z Health Conditions Diseases and Their Common Treatments


Urotherapy, also known as Shivambu, is an ancient therapy that has been used for thousands of years to combat disease and infection. Dr. Group has collected hundreds of years of research and consolidated this vital information into one place. Click below to explore his PDFs and resources.


The two main applications of Urotherapy are internal application (drinking your own urine on its own or mixed with a juice) or external application (massaging and rubbing urine on the skin to prevent certain conditions like acne, eczema, varicose veins, hair loss, and much more).

A-Z Conditions

With thousands of testimonials, the proof lies in the efficacy of this self-made healing agent. Read more from the lives that have been saved and positively impacted by Urotherapy. Before pharmaceuticals, our ancestors would rely on their own sacred healing waters for vitality.  Check our searchable database.

“The primary duty of a doctor should be to teach, not to prescribe.” – Dr. Group

Depression Therapy

Urine contains exactly what you need in every moment to live with joy, peace and stress free.

Deep Healing

Urotherapy is linked to treating cancer, eliminating chronic disease, and divine manifestations – The power to heal is completely within.

Emergency Conditions

This plasma ultra-filtrate contains 3K-5K MINERALS AND ANTIDOTES specific to you at the moment in time (enzymes, amino acids, hormones, etc.).

How Urotherapy Works For You

Dr. Group is continuously gathering more resources, research and methods of application.  Click below to access the A-Z Conditions searchable database for all the ways you can use Urotherapy in your life.

Urotherapy is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years. You can start with the core pillars of education through Dr. Group’s Urotherapy Course. This course will guide you through the science, methods, history, benefits, as well as the propaganda and censorship of the self-healing modality that would cost big pharma trillions of dollars.

You can also get started for free with the incredible resources we’ve cultivated for you on this site. You can explore free downloadable books and PDFs, check out the FAQs for commonly asked questions, and begin immediately with our free techniques and methods.

As a 5,000-year-old practice, the rejuvenating method of Urotherapy uses your own perfect medicine to heal the body from the inside out. 

This anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and sterile compound is linked to helping the body fight negative health conditions and fight aging. It can be used internally as a detox and full-body cleanser, or externally for anything from skin conditions, to arthritis, to dandruff and hair loss. 

~ You can explore A-Z conditions here.

~ You can also learn more through Dr. Group’s Urotherapy coursework through The Global Healing Institute. Members receive exclusive benefits such as member-only Q&As, invites to special events, interviews, lives, as well as giveaways, discounts, early access, and more. 

No, urine is NOT a waste product. Urine is 95% ultra-filtered blood plasma that is heavily filtered by the liver and then the kidneys. It is comprised of every compound that is found within the blood, with the only exception being the red-colored cells that give blood a different color.  

Containing minerals, stem cells, vitamins, hormones, organic acids, and amino acids that your body needs specifically at that time – Urine sends a snapshot and feedback loop of where your body is deficient.

Why has this information been concealed?

Because how would the medical and pharmaceutical industry make money if everyone knew how to heal themselves from the comfort of their homes? 

~ You can learn more through Dr. Group’s Urotherapy coursework through The Global Healing Institute.

The top 10 most common uses for Urotherapy are: 

  1. Body Detoxification
  2. Anti-Cancer Support and cell regeneration
  3. Anti-Aging / Skin-care / Burns / Boils / Wart / Acne / Eczema / Psoriasis
  4. Heart Disease / Cardiovascular Conditions
  5. Parasites / Harmful Organisms / Mold Exposure / Candida 
  6. Anxiety / Depression / Mental Health
  7. Constipation / Digestive Concerns / Bloating / Gas / Diarrhea 
  8. Pain / Chronic Fatigue / Arthritis / Joint & Muscle Aches
  9. Spiritual Growth / Divine Manifestation (used historically to reach enlightenment; thought today to be linked to the same mental health-boosting compounds [such as serotonin, dopamine, and DHEA])
  10. HIV / Herpes / Cerebral Palsy / reportedly “Incurable Diseases”

Many products contain Urea, a predominant compound in Urine. The beauty industry knows the power of this elixir for anti-aging and hydration, known as a fountain of youth.. The eyecare industry uses byproducts of urine in eye drops and ear drops. Big pharma uses urea to create medicine that dissolves blood clots.

Nearly every industry is aware of the effectiveness of urine, yet this information is concealed from the general public. 

You can explore Dr. Group’s research from ‘The Holy Water’ by Harald W. Tietze, which cites the remedies and applications for all illnesses and conditions from A-Z.  

Yes, you can still use the practice of urotherapy if you are on pharmaceuticals, but you should start the practice of UT slowly and gradually reduce your medication if possible. 

Always consult your naturopathic physician and do your own research. Eliminating pharmaceuticals is not feasible for everyone – but pain medication and opiates should generally be avoided, as well as recreational drugs. 

This is not considered medical advice; we are simply sharing the research and offering the information in an uncensored format, allowing you to empower yourself in the ways you see fit. Again, always consult your naturopathic physician before weaning yourself off of any medication. 

~ You can learn more through Dr. Group’s Urotherapy coursework through The Global Healing Institute.